Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It's happening!

The wall has come down today between the dining room and the kitchen and it looks brill. The new kitchen is going to be amazing, I finally get my large kitchen diner. The builders are back again tomorrow to plaster and tidy up and the new radiators are being fitted on Friday. It also happens to be on the same day the new french doors are being fitted. Don't know where we will keep the animals when the work is being done. At the moment the cat is in my office all day with her litter tray and then in the downstairs toilet at night. The builders don't really want a dribbly cat around them when they use the toilet! The dogs will have to go in with the cat tonight in the toilet so they don't set the alarm off wandering around the new room. Also, don't know what the white dog will bump into during the night while she has a wander and don't know what the grey dog will find to eat in there. The builders have left some of their tools and stuff.

Went to Wickes to buy a chisel tonight to start knocking the hideous tiles off the kitchen walls and redeemed our points card, £230 worth of vouchers because we bought the kitchen there, excellent, lots of spending opportunities!

Went to Dunelm the other day and found an excellent oilcloth in green and white spot which is perfect for the white table in the new kitchen diner. I am now hoarding away new stuff in the spare bedroom in readiness of the new kitchen being fitted. Need to keep this hiding place a secret from Husband a little longer.

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