Thursday, 4 March 2010


Think the electrician has gone A.W.O.L with the alarm fitter. Alarm box has slipped on the front of the house and looks stupid, and haven't been able to get alarm fitter to come back yet to fix it back up.

The electrician has not been round for about 2 weeks now but we have eventually had word that he will be round on Saturday.....

The wall is now gone and replastered and looking good. The lovely kitchen lady has been round tonight to do her final measurements for the kitchen and everything is OK, it turns out that Husband is a dab hand with a tape measure. All his measurements we took before we began the long search for a kitchen we all spot on. Bless him.

New french doors going in tomorrow, hope it isn't too cold.

Booked a holiday to Devon today as a treat for us to get away from all of the house stuff. Can't wait.

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