Friday, 5 March 2010


What a day! had loads of people round at the same time doing work on the house.

- 4 plumbers (inc 1 apprentice)
- 4 window men fitting new french doors
- 1 sparky (he turned up unannounced and back from his A.W.O.L)
- 2 alarm men (inc 1 apprentice)

Eventually stopped making drinks, partly because electricity was off and water was off, and partly because there were that many people around the house I was going to run out of milk and Husband needed his Coco Pops for breakfast tomorrow.

House looking great, after I have been round removing about 3 inches of dust and plaster, and kitchen is being delivered on 1 April, hope it isn't an April fool and they won't turn up.

Seen some gorgeous lights for the kitchen from BHS with green glass droplets on, and the best bit is they are in the sale.

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