Sunday, 21 February 2010

We are living in a new climate

Well you wouldn't believe it. Husband has taken up a new hobby. It is mopping. He purchased a new mop over the weekend, the type with a sponge that you squeeze together to get the water out. He has discovered an amazon type climate in the loft, it is still not drying out so he mops the rafters every day to clear some water out so we can dry out quicker.

He has also been up one of his ladders from his vast collection to put soffit vents into the soffits to let the loft breath as there wasn't any and a builder suggested this was needed in order to left the loft breath. He also recommended tiles with vents in or something but that would cost £90 labour plus materials so we are going to wait and see if these soffit vents help.

Husband purchased 20 of these soffit vents for less than £5 and a new drill bit for about £8, so now we just wait .......

Went to a kitchen place yesterday but they didn't have what we wanted. They were trying to find the colours blue or green that I like but it ended up being expensive and it still wasn't right.

Called in on Wickes again on the way home and asked our kitchen expert to quote for a cheaper white/cream kitchen.

The dehumidifyer is doing an excellent job drying out the dining room, we can see patches where it is drying out and we empty the water holder every 3 hours or so. What lovely neighbours lending it to us. The worrying thing is now what seems to be growing on patches of stripped walls that is white and furry?

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