Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How much?

Can't believe it is Thursday already, this week has been a blur of builders, plumbers and kitchens.

Had quotes for lots of different work like changing radiators, new cloaks, knocking tiles off the walls in the kitchen, the list goes on. Can't believe the cheek of some people in their charges, what does sundries mean, are we paying for a labourer's lunch each day?

I am sill not on line with the home phone, need to check banking stuff and have an overdue council tax bill to pay.

We looked at a different kitchen shop on Saturday but it turns out they were more expensive that the one I like and they are the same quality. Think we have decided on a style and colour now and after talking to the builder today we know we can have a breakfast bar.

The dehumidifyer is still going strong and filling the bucket 3 or 4 times a day.

The alarm man was here today. It's official we now have a fully functioning alarm and have already tested it out. As usual we will need him back out to do a few bits because he 'didn't have the parts' or 'didn't know about that'. Typical.

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