Friday, 19 February 2010


OMG! thought we had another water leak yesterday. Husband was sat working so hard in his hole (office - bed 4)when he noticed fresh water marks in the wallpaper in the corner coming down from the ceiling to nearly the floor. He prepared himself to go in the loft again to check it out.

It was wet through everywhere, there wasn't a water leak but condensation covering everything.

We quickly remembered someone had offered to loan us their dehumidifier and then racked out brains to remember who it was. It was our lovely neighbours so I went round to check we could still borrow it. They are so nice and fetched it straight away. I also came away with a voucher for 50% off tapas food for tea as we were going out for it.

Set up the dehumidifier and it is already sucking in loads of water. We need to dry out the dining room as well as putting it upstairs under the loft hatch to dry out the loft area.

We went to Wickes to swap some outside lights and went to look at the kitchen we are interested in, it looks great still, can't wait to have my new kitchen instead of using the 1970s throw back.

Home telephone is now working and I should be able to get on line using my computer soon. Can't believe how long it takes to sort something out.

Finally, we had just got in bed last night and turned the light off when we heard a buzzing. Husband had to investigate and it turns out there was a fly bumping around the light shade, Husband promptly lept on the bed with a tissue and tried to kill the fly. After several attempts with Tourettes taking hold, he managed to take the fly out and we eventually got to sleep.

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