Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Well I'm glad Christmas is over and done with, does that make me a misery guts? Don't care.

Once the decorations were stripped off the tree and hid away for another year the house packing can continue with speed. Our moving date is 2 Feb.

We have had an appointment booked in for a few weeks now to view our new house again with the agents. OMG! It was a disaster site when we opened the front door. The snow has been falling for a few weeks now with the temperatures really cold. They owners of our new house had not had the heating on and I bet you can guess what we found.

Most of the downstairs was soaking wet with water running down the wallpapered walls over the light switches and dripping down from the ceiling lights. The lounge, dining room and kitchen ceilings were all cracking and sagging. Great stuff. Don't think we will be moving at this rate now.

Upstairs was no better, we needed wellingtons on because the carpets were that wet. It smelt horrible and looked even worse. There was a dustbin in the middle of the room which would be my office catching the water still dripping from the ceiling.

Apparently there was a tiny water leak because the pipes were frozen and it had caused all this. Out side there were massive icicles hanging from over my office window right down to the ground. The window was covered in ice and you couldn't see out.

Husband has been great and has rung about a million people and now there is a builder in drying out the house getting ready to replace ceilings and plaster stuff. Most of the carpets are out in the garden because they were holding so much water the house wouldn't dry out with them in.

Our moving date of the 2nd is still a possibility so I am continuing to pack. We also don't want to lose our buyers the Clickers by changing the moving day so fingers crossed!

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