Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's official!!

Can't believe it, finally have a moving day. It is 2nd February 2010, really excited and can't wait to start packing up the Christmas stuff and get on with packing up for moving.

Booked the dogs and cat in the kennels for 3 days around the move. How lucky are they? Both dogs are having a spa break really while we do all of the hard working moving. They are booked in for a bath, trim and manicure. They are celebrating as I type by eating their biscuits and mince for tea.

While the dogs are being pampering husband and I will be stressed and dirty and probably hungry. When we moved here, I packed the coffee and the moving men had to make do with just tea, at least I have bought plenty of nice biscuits.

Only a few weeks now until the big day.......

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