Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Oh my God! I need to moan

Things have taken a turn for the worst, or so it seems at the moment.

Our buyers, the Clickers, don't want to exchange before Christmas even though they said it was alright and now want to do it when they get back off their holiday in January. They are also being awkward about the completion date. We want to move on 2nd Feb 2010, we get the feeling that they want to move later than that. We have waited for them to have their 3 week holiday and think it's about time we have a choice of when we move and not let them decide everything.

On a more cheerier note, I have made a shopping purchase and have bought a new Dyson hoover. The man who we bought this house from (which we are selling) last year left us his old purple one and I have hated using it, someone elses dirt and dust etc. I couldn't get used to the different nozzles and how it worked but when this one gave up the ghost and decided to emit a disgusting burning smell when being used I was so glad to get rid of it. But .... I got my old one from the garage which Husband was using as a car hoover and I hated using it. It fell over every time I took the pipe hose off to suck up dust around the skirting, landing on Husband a few times while he was on the Playstation, never mind.

So I have become a convert and have bought a Dyson on-line and saved £45 which is all the more sweet, I love my new Dyson :)

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