Thursday, 10 December 2009

At last the info is here!

We have been waiting about a week for the bank to confirm that our mortgage offer is confirmed. Rang the bank 3 times now over a one week period, are they completely useless or are we just impatient?

We had the confirmation through the post yesterday, hooray!

Things are looking up now, the solicitors sent us a letter to confirm all of our searches have been completed and we are pushing to exchange before Christmas. This way no one can pull out of the deal. Hopefully we can then complete in February 2010 and move in.

The little dog and the big grey dog are looking forwards to Christmas just as much as me, I have put the tree up and carefully placed the presents under the tree so they look really pretty. That is until the grey dog decided to have a sniff around to find her present and she knocked them all around so they needed moving again to look pretty. This is the grey dog's first Christmas in a house and I thought she would be excited about the tree going up and the boxes of decorations spread about the living room. She just sat on the settee watching me next to husband who was playing Gran Turismo Prolog on the PS3. At least I know who her favourite is.

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