Thursday, 26 November 2009

What's going on?

Got a letter from the solicitors today. What's going on? Apparently they have sent our folder to the other office a few miles away for them to deal with because they are short of staff at the one we were using and they hadn't told us. Is it me?

When we rang we couldn't get hold of the person who is supposed to be dealing with us. Eventually she rang back and it turns out that she is really nice and on the ball. She had noticed some things in our file that needed doing and had actually been working on it yesterday. What a thoroughly nice lady. We hadn't doubted her at all.

Really excited about new house, will pack a few more boxes at the weekend.

The grey dog has been at the kennels this week to be with her boyfriend because she is in season. Rang today to see how she is getting on. Oh no, she was having none of it and kept wriggling and biting her boyfriend when he had the nerve to come close to her. We will just have to wait another 6 months now to see if she has puppies.

Put an order on at Cath Kidston on line last night for some Christmas presents. I helped my nephew pick out some stuff for his girlfriend as well. It turned out ok because there was 15% off when we used the site last night, so I ordered some extra little bits because it was such a good deal :)

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