Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It's out in the open!

Well, we told family last night that we had bought our new house. They seemed pleased for us. We didn't tell them any sooner because we wanted to make sure the sale went through because if the sale failed people would be asking us what happened all the time and this would really annoy us.

We already know the neighbours and other people in the village so I'm getting quite excited about moving into our new house.

Our garage seems to be over run with empty banana boxes at the moment, need to fill some more up this weekend with garage stuff. Decided to use these boxes for packing books in because they are really sturdy.

Went to a book signing at the weekend and met Gervase Phinn who was signing his new book 'A load of old tripe', I became all star struck and had my photo taken with him.

The little white dog seems to be a puppy again at the moment, she is trying to walk up my legs for a fuss at the moment and because she can't see very well she keeps missing and pulling my socks down instead as she lands back on the floor. She is giving out some really ace cuddles at the moment.

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