Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Recycling queen and boxes galore!

In anticipation of moving we have started collecting boxes from our local supermarket to begin packing the garage and the shed up.

We are collecting banana boxes, they are sturdy, not to big and not too small. You can put heavy stuff in them without being unable to carry them and they are free.

There seems to be something about free boxes though. We have had some very strange looks from people at the checkouts watching us collect 9 boxes at a time (the staff fit 3 together for storing them on the shelf). Husband carries 6 and I carry 3. I wonder what people think we are going to do with them, apart from packing the house up I can only think of a few:

1. Build a fort to live in

2. Build an eco friendly house

3. Store bananas in

4. Carrying shopping home in

5. Bed/basket for dog/cat

That's it, I can't think of any other uses.

It is also very competitive at the free box shelf in the supermarket. When we wander up and down the shelf looking for the best boxes without rips and dents, other people decide they want some and race us to pick some up. They must feel they are missing out on something, don't know what though.

When we moved house last time (13 years ago) we used banana boxes then, they were great. When we had unpacked the boxes we took them to the tip and we found a woman at the recycling place/tip who wanted our boxes because she was also moving house. So took our first car load and we arranged to meet her back at the tip with another car load in 20 minutes time.

It worked out great, we got rid of the boxes and she got some for packing without having to go to the supermarket. How about that for recycling.

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