Monday, 16 November 2009

Stand well back!

After a weeks holiday and on/off internet connection I can finally catch up.

Our buyers have had their surveryor from their bank looking around our property to make sure the bank will borrow money against it. After about a week we have found out that their bank has offered them a mortgage and now we just need to organise our bank to send out their surveryor to the house we are buying.

We are just waiting for our buyers (the Clickers) to ring and try and knock the asking price down or something now they have their surveryor's report back. Call us suspiscious but they seem to be dragging their heels and taking ages getting back to us over different things. Although we did find out from the little surveyor man that the bank only did a level 2 which includes lots of detail in the report instead of a cheaper survey with less information on the report.

We have given them a rough list, through the Estate Agents, of what we will be leaving at the house when we move out. We are trying to be nice but are finding it very hard, we need some early Christmas cheer. Well, have already started on the bargain bottle of Baileys which I purchased from Asda. My excuse to starting the Baileys early is that we need to use up the bottle of brandy in the cupboard before we move and Baileys just happens to go nicely with it. Cheers!

Well, the grey dog has had the trots on and off for a week or so and there is something you should know if you take her for a walk or on the garden. Stand well back, or she might get you. Two foot squits is what we call it. The little white dog has taken to holding it in so she doesn't have to go out on the wet grass, in the rain and wind.

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