Friday, 12 February 2010

we've done it!

Well that's it, we are now officially moved in. On moving day it took 3 vehicles and 7 men from the removal company to move all of our worldly possessions.

The new house is still drying out after the water leak and the windows are drenched with condensation each morning but it was worth it. The house is in such a quiet location with fields and wildlife surrounding it.

We have sorted our the missing key situation by having the locksmith come out last week to change the barrel on the front and back doors. It is nice having new keys because we are the only ones who have a copy now.

The neighbours on one side are lovely and came round with a card and a bottle of champagne.

Most of the boxes are now unpacked but we will be packing up the kitchen again soon as we will be purchasing a brand new kitchen to replace the hideous 1970s one in beige and burgundy. We like two kitchen styles one in a heritage green and the other in a pale blue, can't decide which one we like the best but I think the price will help us decide when we get the quotes back.

The sparky has been around the house already and quoted for changing all sockets, switches etc for new and a new consumer unit. The windows man has measured up and new french doors are on order for the living room to replace old aluminium sliding doors and the window in the dining room for french doors.

I am using Husband's work laptop for being on line at the moment because the home line is still yet to go in and will appear some time at the end of next week, what great service.

Oh, at least the Sky is sorted our and we now have a HD + box and I am going crazy recording loads of stuff much to the annoyance of Husband.

The animals seem happy in their new house and seem to have settled in very quickly. The cat has taken to her litter tray again like a duck to water and the dogs are enjoying sniffing their way around a new garden. The grey dog seems to have found her voice and is winding up all the local dogs by barking all of the time.

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