Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Went to the solicitors yesterday to exchange but we can only sign all of our paperwork because our seller's solicitors have decided to be a pain in the backside. Apparently on Monday they decided we were committing mortgage fraud by getting an allowance from our sellers for decorating and carpets after the water leak. They decided they would reduce the asking price of the property we are buying and give us the allowance that way.

This meant that we needed another mortgage offer even though we are still borrowing the same amount of money. It works out for us because they have dropped the asking price of the property we are buying so we are actually paying less stamp duty, what a result.

Monday and yesterday were spent ringing around the solicitors and the mortgage company trying to resolve all the issues.

At last I think it is solved and it looks like we are still moving into our new house on Tuesday 2nd Feb. Can anything else go wrong with this sale and purchase?

I was waiting for a lightening bolt to strike Husband and I on our way to the solicitors yesterday, luckily it didn't happen.

Am mad packing last minute things and taking curtains down. The grey dog is very helpful at folding curtains and helps me by sitting on them while they are on the carpet, I think she is showing me where the folds need to be.

Sorted out the house insurance on the new property yesterday. Because we are near water our current insurers wouldn't insure the new address. Here we go I thought but I went on and found an insurer for buildings and contents for £150 for both. Simples.

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