Friday, 22 January 2010

It's looking good!

Went to look at our new house last night as the work men have finished mending and working their magic after the water leak. It's looking good now, all of the ruined ceilings are now replastering and drying out well. A cleaner was in there yesterday as well and has mopped the floorboards to clean them up and wiped down surfaces and cleaned the windows inside.

It will at least feel much cleaner and nicer when we move in on the 2nd.

At least we think we will move on the 2nd because now the solicitor who we are dealing with has had a death in the family and wasn't in yesterday to arrange a time for exchanging next week and her secretary had gone home early.

I rang our estate agents to ask about some keys we are missing for the new house and she is going to ring the solicitors as well to get a date. She is ace. At least our buyers have signed at their solicitors for our house.

This must be one of the worst house moves I know of, everything that could go wrong is going wrong, but being positive the little dogs and cat will have a new garden to sniff their way around when they come back from their spa break while we do all the hard work moving house.

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