Friday, 2 October 2009

What we have learnt about estate living

We realised we have been on the market for 3 months now and think viewers will drop off until the new year. After living on an estate for a year we really want to get off it! Estate living is not for us.

We have noticed the following things about estate living-

1. Some old people drive really slow around the estate, maybe they have fallen asleep or have gotten lost trying to get off on to the main road.

2. Some old people drive really fast around the estate, have they died and left their foot flat on the accelerator?

3. Why do house or car alarms seem to go off all day and all night?

4. You get about 600 charity bags through your letter box a week.

5. You get catalogues shoved in your letter box to buy all sorts of rubbish.

6. You get wierdos knocking on your door asking if you want work doing on your house, (have you not seen the for sale board?)

7. Everyone walking their dogs lets them mess up the grass verge in front on your house and doesn't pick up after them despite the million warning signs on lamposts.

Is it just me or has someone else noticed these things?

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