Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bee happy home and accessories

Diary of a house move is available through

You receive a fabric book mark and a signed copy.

An excited customer receiving her copy -

"Exciting morning when the postman delivered my signed copy of 'Diary of a house Move' By Deborah Fielding and my happy happy singing sign...thanks Deb it was wrapped so beautifully...I love treating myself to bits from your shop"

Have you treat yourself to Diary of a house move yet?

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  1. Look the book, it's great that house moving is portrayed as an entertaining, exciting adventure as opposed to a stressful, laboroious procedure. It is important to get a good removal company as it will pay dividends. ( I hired a small, cheap, unestablished company and paid the price) as well as plan ahead. I am a frequent house hopper and love the thrill of moving homes.


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