Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Prepare your home for Winter

A few handy tips to help with Winter weather

Sort out your home insurance, make sure it is up date and includes Winter related damage like burst pipes etc

Keep all pipes covered and insulated, cover with lagging which will reduce heat lost and stop your pipes from freezing

Is your loft insulated? about 1/4 of heat is lost through the roof

Bleed your radiators - if they are colder at the top than the bottom then you have trapped air inside and that stops the heat from circulating, get a towel and the special radiator key and bleed them to release the air

Make sure your guttering is all clear outside so any blockages don't cause a build up of water which will then leak into the roof

Tree trimming, cut any foliage that may drop into your guttering, this will also prevent any snow damage and a build up of snow on branches

Check for draughts inside along the edges of windows and doors, use self-adhesive draught strips or a draft excluder under the doors, a great excuse to get crafting :)

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  1. These are great tips, Deb! I don't own a home at the moment, so I wouldn't have thought of these things, but I will keep them in mind for my home waiting for me.

    You're a sweetheart,
    Marianne xo


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